How to Dust a Pan With Flour

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Flouring or dusting a baking pan will prevent your favorite baked goods from sticking to the dish. It is not unusual for cakes and breads to stick, even when the pan is well greased. Dusting a pan is a simple technique that only takes a few seconds. Add this preparation step to your favorite dessert recipe and lessen your chances of tearing up a delicate confection. This technique works well with any baking dish or pan.

Spray a dry, clean baking pan with cooking spray. Don't overspray, just coat the inside and bottom of the pan.

Sprinkle 1 tbsp. of flour in the greased pan. Standing over a garbage can or sink, tilt the dish 45 degrees and pat the bottom gently. This will move the flour around to coat.

Tilt the baking pan, turning it on each side to move the flour around. Flip the pan upside down and remove the excess flour by tapping the bottom of the pan.