How to Wear Cuff Links and Studs

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Your cuff links can match your tie, your tuxedo or your personality.

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Once a high-fashion men's accessory most-often used for tuxedos, cuff links have evolved into a mainstream style must-have for formal occasions. Many men wear cuff links for business attire. Cuff links and studs allow you to inject your personality into your business wardrobe. Formal occasions that require tuxedos usually call for the use of cuff links and studs. The tuxedo shop provides a bag containing two cuff links and four studs. Insert the cuff links into the holes of the shirt cuffs and the studs into the four stud holes of the shirt.

Items you will need

  • Cuff links
  • Studs
  • French cuff shirt
Step 1

Practice inserting the cuff links before the day of the event. Before you officially wear cuff links for the first time, give them a trial run. Cuff links feel different than a buttoned shirt sleeve.

Step 2

Coordinate your cuff link style with your suit or tuxedo. Whether you're wearing cuff links with a tuxedo or with a business suit, you should match them to your shirt and tie or bow tie if you're also wearing studs. Men's accessories should match the formality of the event.

Step 3

Ensure you have selected an appropriate shirt style. When picking out a shirt, choose a French cuff shirt or a convertible, which can be worn with buttons or cuff links). Men's cuff links or studs won't work with a traditional button-down dress shirt. If you're not sure, look at the cuffs to determine whether they have buttons or if both sides of the sleeve have a small hole where the cuff link can slip through.

Step 4

Insert the cuff links after the shirt is on. When you're ready to put on your cuff links, put your shirt on. Leave the shirt unbuttoned if you're wearing studs. Button it up if you are skipping the studs.

Step 5

Flip the cuff link swivel bar closed so it's in line with the other two bars. It should not look like a "T."

Step 6

Match up the holes on each shirt cuff by pinching the cuffs together. The shirt cuffs should not be overlapping; the inside of both cuffs should be touching.

Step 7

Slip the stem side of the cuff link through both holes, starting with the front cuff.

Step 8

Flip the swivel bar down to keep the cuff link in place.

Step 9

Repeat on the other shirt sleeve. Ensure the designer side of the cuff link is facing out so it can be seen.

Step 10

Insert the studs, starting with the second button hole from the top. Ignore the little button, the stud will act as the button. Most tuxedo shirts will give you the option of wearing studs or buttoning the shirt.

Step 11

Slip the stud through the back of the stud hole from the inside of the shirt, where the button would be. Feed it through to the front.

Step 12

Use the stud to fasten the shirt, as you normally would with a traditional button.

Step 13

Repeat with the rest of the studs with the exception of the top button. You don't wear a stud at the collar because it will be covered by a bow tie.


  • Studs should only be worn if you're wearing a bow tie because a Windsor tie would cover the studs.

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