How to Wear a Combat Action Badge

The Combat Action Badge is awarded by the United States Army to show special recognition to soldiers who have personally been in conflict during a combat operation. This award can be given only if the soldier is not eligible for the Combat Infantryman Badge or Combat Medical Badge. This badge is authorized for award for any qualifying service from September 18, 2001, to the present, as of November 2010. Up to five combat and special skill badges are allowed to be worn at once, and preference is given to combat badges. They are worn on the "Class A" Army green, blue or white uniform coats.

Polish the Combat Action Badge and check for any damage.

Measure one-quarter inch above the ribbons on the coat.

Attach the Combat Action Badge to the uniform so that the bottom edge is at the one-quarter inch mark.

Hold the uniform coat up in front of you and confirm that the Combat Action Badge is level and unobstructed by any other decorations. The lapel of the coat may cover a badge; however, no other ribbons or badges may cover each other. Preferably, try the uniform on and make sure all decorations are uncovered and equidistant.