How to Use NUK Bottles

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Gerber NUK bottles are designed with orthodontic intent. The ergonomically shaped nipple is thinner, curved and more like a real-life nipple than standard baby bottles. The NUK bottle is not used much differently than other Gerber and related brand bottles, so using it is a breeze whether you're a practiced or a first time mother .

Add a level scoop of powdered baby formula for every 2 oz. of liquid. For example, an 8 oz. bottle will require four scoops.

Fill the bottle with drinking water. Secure the nipple onto the bottle and then the cap. Shake the bottle vigorously for a full minute so the powder disperses through the water thoroughly. This turns the liquid into a white milk-like formula.

Fill the bowl with hot tap water. Allow the bottle to sit in the heated water for two to five minutes. This warms the formula. Do not microwave the bottle or the formula.

Remove the cap from the bottle and hold it upside down, with the nipple pointing downward. Push the nipple to the side to let the air out slightly. This serves as a way to prevent gas when your baby drinks from the bottle.

Prepare for feeding as you normally would by holding your infant and positioning yourself comfortably. Aim the curved nipple of the NUK bottle to your baby's lips and allow it to latch onto the nipple. The shape of the NUK nipple makes it easier for you to gently push the tip into your baby's mouth to encourage the suckling process to begin.