How to Use a Blemish Extractor


0:00 I'm Kelli I'm an aesthetician and makeup

0:02 artist at Ulta Salon and cosmetics I'm

0:04 gonna show you how to use the blemish

0:06 extractor if you've never seen one

0:08 before this is a blemish extractor has

0:10 two little two loops on either and one

0:12 larger or one smaller and basically what

0:16 you're going to do is if you have a

0:17 clogged pore or or a blemish you're

0:19 going to push this loop around the

0:21 blemish and you're gonna wiggle it to

0:23 pull the blemish out so we're just going

0:26 to first sanitize our blemish extractor

0:31 because if we've used it before and

0:33 removed a blemish we don't want to

0:35 transfer that bacteria onto the skin and

0:38 we're also just going to take a little

0:40 bit of antiseptic we're going to clean

0:43 the area of where we're trying to remove

0:45 the blemish so we'll just do a little

0:47 bit here on her notice she doesn't

0:49 really have any blemishes but might be

0:52 able to get a clogged pore or something

0:58 you also want to kind of keep a cotton

1:01 ball with you with a little bit of

1:02 antiseptic on it so that way if you do

1:05 pull out a blemish you can kind of wipe

1:06 it off so all you're gonna do is you're

1:10 going to actually hold the blemish

1:14 extractor on where you're trying to

1:15 remove and you're just going to press

1:17 and wiggle to try to get either a

1:22 clogged pore or the blemish out and then

1:28 wipe off the excess sometimes you might

1:30 have to be a little bit forceful with it

1:32 and pull to pull it out and can be a

1:35 little bit painful but in the long run

1:37 it's worth it that's how you would use a

1:43 blemish extractor