How to Trim Male Pubic Hair

small scissors image by Albo from

Trimming or even completely removing male pubic hair is becoming more popular. In fact, special razors have been developed specifically for shaving male pubic hair, and there are even special powders formulated specifically to reduce the itch that is sometimes associated with shaving the pubic area. If all you are interested in is trimming your pubic hair, the process is a simple one.

Stand over or near a trash container or a toilet for the easy disposal of your trimmed pubic hair.

Decide how much hair you wish removed. If unsure, remove the smallest amount to begin with because it is always easy to remove more hair later.

Pinch the pubic hair on the far left side between the thumb and forefinger of your left hand and pull the hair away from your body (lefties should start on the right side). Slip the small scissors between your fingers and your skin and snip off the amount of hair desired.

Repeat the process, slowly moving toward the right side of the pubic area. Be careful with each snip of the scissors that no skin is cut.

Use the same pinch and pull method to cut the hair on your scrotum as well. Once you are finished, trim any uneven areas.