How to Trim Excess Body Hair With Scissors

Trimming body hair not only helps you look groomed and cleaned, it also helps keep your body from retaining extra heat and over-perspiring. As such, it also helps keep body odor at bay and saves you a few dollars on deodorant. The best way to trim body hair is by using scissors made specifically for hair and cutting just enough to tidy up the hair and not cut down to the skin.

Stand in the bathtub but do not run the water.

Cut your arm hair in the direction of hair growth with the hair-cutting scissors. You should trim only the strays that are standing out or looking bushy. Trim them so they are the same length as the hairs that are laying flat. Have a friend trim your other arm, especially if you don’t have much control of your non-dominant hand.

Lift your arm and trim your armpit hair. Cut it bluntly across first to get rid of length. With the tip of the scissors pointing up to your armpit, trim vertically to get rid of the density. Again, if you don’t have good control of your non-dominant hand, have a friend trim your other armpit’s hair.

Cut the hairs on your torso to half their length. Hair on your torso that’s too long can get tangled in clothing and zippers and produce more heat than necessary, encouraging body odor to develop. Have a friend trim your back hair the same way as your chest and stomach.

Switch to the small hair-trimming scissors to cut the hair around your genitals. Be very careful and merely trim the hairs to half their length. Too much hair around your genitals poses the same issues as overly long hair on your torso and armpit.

Take a shower to get rid of the bits of trimmed hair stuck to you.