How to Treat Dandruff With Essential Oils

If you have dandruff, you are not alone. Dandruff can be a result of various factors, including stress, diet, or a dry scalp. Although there are various anti-dandruff products on the market, using a homemade remedy can produce great results. The best home remedies contain essential oils. Essential oils work well and treat several scalp ailments at the same time. Because essential oils are all-natural, they are not harmful like the chemicals found in some store-bought products. Make this oil-based dandruff remedy and your flakes will be a thing of the past.

Remove the cap from an 8-ounce dark glass bottle. Pour 1/2 cup olive oil into the bottle.

Add five drops carrot oil and 10 drops rosemary oil to the bottle.

Add 10 drops neem oil and eight drops tea tree oil to the bottle.

Add 15 drops lavender oil to the bottle and replace the cap onto the bottle.

Shake the bottle until all of the ingredients are mixed completely.

Place the bottle into a small cup and put the cup in the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Turn on the sink faucet and let warm water run into the cup until the oil in the bottle is slightly warmer than room temperature.

Remove the bottle from the cup and massage a good amount of oil into your scalp.

Repeat steps 6-8 at least three times a week or as needed.