Calories in Spaghetti Squash Seeds

Spaghetti Squash

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spaghetti squash seeds, like acorn squash and pumpkin seeds, are edible. Similar to other squash seeds, they contain anywhere from 285 to 721 calories per cup, as noted by the USDA national nutrient database. The calorie count depends on whether or not you eat them with the husk.

Squash Seed Kernels

Spaghetti squash seed kernels are seeds that have been husked. Squash seed kernels contain 63.27 g of fat per cup. Of these fat grams, 11 g are saturated fat. Because of all of this fat, spaghetti squash seed kernels are a calorie-dense food, weighing in at 721 calories per cup.

Whole Spaghetti Squash Seeds

Spaghetti squash seeds in the husks contain only 285 calories per cup. In the husks, they contain 11.8 g of dietary fiber. It is this fiber that reduces the calories per volume.

Squash Seeds Roasted in Oil

These calorie counts assume that your squash seeds have been toasted dry in the oven. If you coat your seeds in the oil before roasting them, the calorie count goes up quickly. Some recipes call for as much as 1 tbsp. of oil for every 2 tbsp. of squash seeds. A single tablespoon of oil contains 124 calories. That's 992 calories of oil for a cup of spaghetti squash seeds, bringing the total calories in a cup of spaghetti squash seeds to 1277.