How to Tie Sweatpants

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Few bottoms are more comfortable than drawstring sweatpants. The drawstring runs underneath the fabric and around the waist, making this style of sweatpants even more adjustable. Specific styles of drawstring sweats vary, from closed ankle to flare. Drawstring material also varies, whether cotton cord, ribbon or an interlaced nylon cord. Some drawstrings exit the front of the waistband to form a single loop, while others exit and extend into two distinct ends. The type of drawstring affects how you tie your sweatpants.

Loop Cord

Pull the loop cord away from your waist until your sweatpants feel comfortably snug.

Secure the beginning of your knot at the base of the waist band and pull the existing loop cord into a loop itself as though you were preparing to tie a knot.

Pull the loop cord three-quarters of the way through, creating a secondary loop knot instead of a full knot. This allows you to easily loosen or remove the tie.

Two-End Drawstring Tie

Pull both ends of the drawstring away from the waist band until your sweatpants feel sufficiently tight.

Overlap, twist and pull the two drawstring ends as though you were beginning to tie a bow.

Tie the bow by forming a loop with one end, wrapping the other string around the first and pulling it through.