How to Tie Converse All Stars

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The Converse All Star is a shoe that is popular among punk dressers, rockers and many other people. It is an old-time, favorite shoe that is still popular today. Converse All Stars have long laces that can be tied using various methods. You can tie your shoelaces in many different ways to go along with different outfits.

Method One

Fold the laces so that they are even in length. Insert one lace end through the first two set of holes on the Converse All Star shoes.

Pull the lace through and bring each end of the lace parallel with each other so that both ends of the lace are even again.

Use one end of the lace and insert it into the hole caddy-cornered from the one it is already in. Ensure that the laces are on their flat sides when lacing the Converse shoes.

Lace the other end of the lace into the opposite caddy-cornered hole.

Repeat the same method until all of the lace is laced into the Converse shoes.

Method Two

Insert the lace end into one hole on the bottom part of the shoe and follow it through to the other side. String it back though the hole next to it and straight through to the other side.

String the lace back through and to the other side again. Ensure the lace is flat against the shoe when stringing it back through the holes that are next to each other.

Repeat the same process until the shoes are laced.

Method Three

Insert the lace end into the first bottom hole on the Converse shoe and string it through to the other side.

Wrap the string up and into the opposite top hole of the shoe.

Wrap the other lace down into the second hole and back into the hole straight across from it.

Repeat the same method until the shoes are laced.