How to Tie an Obi Sash & Belt

girl in kimono at tea house image by TMLP from

To wear a kimono properly you need to use an obi sash or belt. An obi cinches the waist of the garment, keeping the garment closed. The obi is not just one belt but actually made of several different belts. Wear belts in layers first with the koshi-himo belt then the date-jime belt. Adding other belts and cords creates a complex, formal look. As obis are made from heavily decorated materials, they are sometimes bulky and heavy to wear. You will need an extra pair of hands to tie you sash.

Put on your kimono. Lift the edges of the garment by pulling them up at the waist with your hands. Adjust the length to reach your ankles.

Fold the koshi-himo belt in half. It will be very long. Smooth out any wrinkles or lines.

Place the koshi-himo belt around the waist with the extra material you are holding up on top. Place the belt at the front with the two ends in the back.

Pull the two ends forward and tie them at the front. Smooth out the obi sash.

Wrap the date-jime belt around your waist. It will cover most of the koshi-himo belt. Tie the belt in the front. The koshi-himo belt will be poking out from underneath.

Wrap the obi-jime braided cord around the outside of the obi. Center it on the front of the garment then wrap it around the back. Pull the ends forward and tie it in the front.