How to Tie a Rotisserie Chicken

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Rotisserie chicken allows you an alternate cooking method and brings variety to a dinner menu when the same type of meat is used often. As chicken is placed into a rotisserie machine with a heat source, the last thing you want is the loose parts of the chicken, like the legs and thighs, becoming caught in the machine parts causing a malfunction or worse. This type of occurrence can be prevented if you tie the loose parts of the bird together when making rotisserie chicken.

Remove the innards of the chicken and set it aside. Run cool water over the chicken and though the inside.

Put the cutting board on the kitchen table. Place the chicken with the breast and the leg pointing toward you. Grab your string.

Wrap the string under the back of the chicken and bring the string around the knuckle of the first part of the wing. Pull the string toward you, which will cause the wings to lie flat against the chicken breast.

Cross the string at the base of the drumstick –- like lacing your shoe -- and slip the alternating string around the base of the chest. Force the legs to make an “X” as you pull the string together.

Carry string down to the tail. Pull string taut and tie a knot. Pull string back toward you, wrap around the existing string. Knot and cut the excess string.