How to Tie a Bandana Into a Necktie

A necktie can add a little splash of color and sophistication to any outfit, whether it be for a man or woman. However, neckties are not always affordable. Plus, a necktie may be too formal for the occasion at hand. For such circumstances, it is possible to tie a bandana into a necktie. This gives the outfit an extra splash, without seeming too stuffy. It's also a solution for when a necktie is required but none can be found.

Lay the bandana flat with the points facing up, down, right and left.

Fold the right and left corners over so that they meet in the middle of the bandanna. Iron the folds into a crease.

Fold the right and left edges over once more, so that the two edges meet in the middle of the bandana. Iron these folds into place. The bandana should now be flat on both sides and pointed at the top and bottom.

Drape the bandana around your neck, allowing the two pointed sides to fall over the shoulders. Pull the right point so that it is twice as long as the left point.

Wrap the long end of the tie over the short end. Then wrap it under the short end and over it again.

Bring the long end up through the neck loop and bring it down again, pulling it through the front loop. Tighten the tie by pulling on the long end and pushing the knot upward.