How to Tan in a Standing Tanning Bed

Standing tanning beds are the preferred method of tanning for many because you can gain a tan quicker in a standing tanning bed, and standing to tan is more hygienic than having your bare skin come in contact with the tanning bed surface. Another advantage to standing tanning beds is that the tan is more evenly distributed on your skin if you make the right preparations before tanning and use the standing tanning bed properly.

Exfoliate the night before you intend to tan. Dead skin causes you to tan in uneven spots.

Use spray-in conditioner to protect your hair. If you have medium-length hair or long hair, fasten your hair on top of your head so that you don’t acquire a tan line on your back or neck.

Apply a good moisturizer to your skin before entering the booth.

Stand in the middle of the booth and hold the bars at the top of the booth to ensure equal tanning coverage under your arms. Make sure you wear protective goggles for your eyes.

Apply moisturizer again when you’ve completed your tanning session.