How to Store a Wig

How to Store a Wig. Wigs are becoming more and more popular in today's society. Many celebrities wear wigs to display various characters in movies, shows and commercials. Some people wear wigs for medical reasons such as cancer treatments, which make their hair fall out. Still others wear wigs because they enjoy the versatility of a wig. Follow these steps to store a wig.

Remove the wig from your head and place it on a styrofoam head. This styrofoam head will keep the hair in place as it should be and will keep the part in place.

Place your wig away from heat, dust or any other environmental condition that may cause it damage. It is best to keep your wig in a clean place and in an open space. Only when traveling should a wig be placed in an enclosed area.

Store your wig in high places away from pets and children. You don't want your wig to be ruined by cats using it as a toy or children wanting to play dress up with it.

Purchase a wire rack to store your wig. This is an alternative to the Styrofoam head idea. The wire rack will allow for air to circulate throughout your wig and keep it smelling fresh.

Place your wig very carefully in a portable travel storage container when you take trips. This type of device can support and protect your wig. This will be best so that the wig does not get crushed or lose its shape during your travels.