How to Stop Pants From Tucking in Slingbacks

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A recent fashion issue has begun plaguing women who wear long pants and slingback shoes. The problem occurs when the hems of your long pants become stuck inside the slingback shoes between your heel and the shoe. If this has ever happened to you, you know how frustrating it can be to stop pants from tucking in slingbacks. There are several products available now that work in a similar fashion to keep pants from wedging in slingbacks.

Purchase one of the products designed to keep your pants from tucking inside your slingback shoes. The basic design of these products is similar; however, the application may differ slightly. Some products have a sticky surface that adheres to your pants and you must iron other products to the inside of your pants.

Read the package label to learn about the installation instructions.

Turn your pants inside out and prepare to attach the panel or pouch to the inside of your pants. You must place the pouch or panel vertically on the back of your pants approximately ½-inch above the bottom of the hem. Place two inside each pants leg (on each side of the crease of the pants). Make sure that you apply the panel or pouch so the opening slit is facing out. Either remove the adhesive backing to apply the panel or use a warm iron to affix the pouch (following manufacturer instructions).

Slide the stick inside the pouch. The stick fits inside the opening slit of the pouch. The panel and the stick provide a rigidity that will keep your pants from slipping under your slingbacks.

Turn the pants right side out and put them on. Put your slingbacks on also. The panels or pouches at the bottom, back hem of your pants will keep your pants rigid and they will not tuck into your slingbacks when you walk.

Follow manufacturer instructions before laundering your pants. You must remove some products completely and other products need only the stick removed prior to laundering. Replace the sticks into the pouches before you wear the pants again.