How to Sterilize Safety Goggles

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Safety goggles are designed to protect your eyes from flying debris, chemicals or other matter, but if you are sharing safety goggles, you must protect yourself from exposure to bacteria as well. Whether you are in high school biology class or working on a project, if you are sharing safety goggles you must sterilize your goggles prior to use. Several methods of sterilization work, from merely using liquid disinfectant to gas and ultraviolet light for germicidal irradiation. If you do not have access to an ultraviolet wand, use the liquid disinfectant method to sterilize your safety goggles.

Place your safety goggles in a large bowl, and pour the plastic and polycarbonate safe liquid disinfectant over your safety goggles. Use enough to cover your goggles.

Soak your safety goggles in the disinfectant for approximately 10 minutes while gently removing any smudges on the lenses with your hands.

Remove the safety goggles, and allow them to air dry. Do not rinse the disinfectant off the safety goggles.

Wipe off the safety goggles with a lint-free cloth to remove any remaining disinfectant and to clear your lenses of any spots or streaks.