How to Simply Remove Ink and Permanent Marker off your Skin and Clothes


In this article you will find a very simple and easy way to remove Ink and Permanent Marker from your skin.

Step 1 is to purchase some Purell hand Sanitizer. You can also buy other brands, but I have found that Purell works the best.

When you have ink or permanent marker on your skin you can simply squirt some hand sanitizer on your hands and start rubbing gently on the areas of the skin. It may take a couple of times but it works like magic and comes off completely. The next step is for clothing.

Did you get some on your clothes? Well I have found it works on clothes too. Depending on the fabric though. Make sure you do a test area like on the inside of the sleeve or behind the buttons to make sure the color wont run. Make sure you try the hand sanitizer as your first step with clothing so you don't set the stain. Don't rub it on. Just gently dab it with a white cloth and you should see the ink or marker absorbing to the cloth. Once the stain is removed soak it in some luke warm water for about 30 minutes and let it air dry. And hopefully you just saved yourself a big cleaning bill.