How to Shave your Legs Properly

If waxing is not your thing, then chances are you have almost perfected the art of shaving. With a few basic steps, you can get a smooth (and painless) shave every time!

The first step to a smooth shave is choosing the right razor. Skip borrowing your bf/hubbie's razor and get one of your own. Go for a triple blade for a close shave. Schick Intuition Plus is a great one if you frequently experience razor burn or dryness; this razor has the moisturizing shave 'bar' attached to the blades. (The only downside is the price and how quickly the solid wears down).

Always start with wet legs; soaking in a warm bath before beginning is best to soften the hair. Dry shaving can lead to painful razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Lather the legs with a shaving cream, foam or gel. There are many to choose from depending on your skin type. Avoid using regular bar soap as it can lead to razor burn.

Starting at the ankle, gently glide the razor up the leg in long sweeps; working your way up to the thigh. Go over the area two or three times to remove all of the hair; rinse the razor after each stroke. You will need to move the razor around curves of the leg such as knees and ankles.

When finished, rinse all shaving creams from the legs with warm water. Dry the legs and apply a moisturizing body cream or lotion.