How to Serve Smoked Salmon

The delicacy of smoked salmon lends extra sophistication to your banquet table or it can be a beautifully presented appetizer for an intimate dinner party. It is also an excellent brunch item served with cream cheese and bagels. Its bright pink color looks lovely against a dark plate and the thin slices can be layered in any number of appealing patterns. Smoked salmon has a rich texture and taste and generally does not need a lot of accompaniment, though a good, strong compliment like capers or sliced, red onion are traditional choices.

Take the smoked salmon out of the refrigerator and remove the packaging just before plating. The fish is much easier to work with cold than at room temperature.

Use a small knife and pull off individual slices, arranging them on a small platter either rolled up, folded, or layered. You can, of course, keep it whole and allow your guests to serve themselves. Make sure to offer a small knife for this purpose.

Decorate the platter with thin slices of lemon and onions. Sprinkle capers on top of the fish. Fresh sprigs of dill, a nice herb to accompany salmon, can be used as a garnish.

Cover the platter with plastic wrap. If you are preparing this dish well before the guests arrive, you will need to cover and store in the refrigerator before serving. Smoked salmon will begin to harden once it stays out for a period of time.