How to Replace Philip Stein Batteries

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Phillip Stein make a range of luxury time pieces with interchangeable watch straps. The watches have the unique distinction of containing 'Natural Frequency Technology'. The watches emit a frequency that makes the wearer more resilient to stress and improves sleep. The battery in a Phillip Stein should last about 18 months. Should the battery need to be replaced within the two year warranty period, the owner must take it to a registered dealer or the warranty will be cancelled. After the two year warranty period, you can change your own watch battery by following a few easy steps.

Lay the soft cloth out on your work surface. Keep the watch on the cloth at all times to avoid scuff marks or scratches to the watch face.

Remove the watch back. There are four small screws on the watch back. Use the watch case wrench to remove the screws. Place the screws in a safe place to avoid losing them. Take care not to scratch the watch when removing the screws.

Slip the small screwdriver under the battery and gently ease it out from under the battery clip. Take care not to damage any of the watch components. If you are struggling, lift up the battery clip and hold it up with your finger while using the screwdriver to remove the battery.

Use the tweezers to insert the new battery. Make sure it is the right way around. Try to avoid touching the battery as oil and salt from your hands will result in corrosion. Put the back of the watch in place and use the watch case wrench to replace the four screws.