How to Remove Vaseline From Hair

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Remove Vaseline From Hair. Vaseline, known as petroleum jelly, finds itself useful in many areas around the house from rubbing it on dry skin to dabbing it around o-rings. Sometimes it ends up in your hair. People use it purposely for styling hair or treating lice and of course children can always find ways to gob any gooey substance on their tresses. Removing unwanted Vaseline from the hair takes only a few home products and a shower.

Use a comb to get as much Vaseline out of your hair. Rinse the comb with hot water after each stroke. Go from a wide to fine tooth if available.

Blot your hair area with a paper towel to remove whatever amount of Vaseline possible.

Step into the shower stall and press a small amount of cornstarch or cornmeal onto the Vaseline coated hair.

Shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo. If the first shampooing didn't remove all the Vaseline, do a second wash.

Rinse well.

Add a rinse conditioner to restore your hair.

Give your hair a final rinse before drying.


  • Cornstarch and cornmeal works by binding itself to the Vaseline. A clarifying shampoo removes buildups like gels and mousses. Use one section of the paper towel at a time then go to a clean section. Apply dish soap for shampoo, but know that it leaves your hair dry. Remove Vaseline by warming with your hair dryer first then blotting out the Vaseline with a paper towel before applying the cornstarch and shampoo.

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