How to Remove the Back of a Gucci Watch

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Accessing the insides of a Gucci watch is a formidable task, but not an impossible one. In fact, removing the back cover of a Gucci watch tends to be easier than removing the back cover of other brands. This is due to the fact Gucci tends to favor the use of screws rather than threaded cases. This means if you have access to a set of precision or jewelers screwdrivers, getting that back cover off is virtually guaranteed.

Choose the right screwdriver. Most watch screws are between .08mm and 1mm in diameter.

Place the watch face down on a non-abrasive surface--a strip of linoleum is ideal--that will hold it in place while you are loosening the screws.

If you have a difficult time turning the screws, try turning the screwdriver with a pair of pliers or linemen.

Loosen the screws in round; that is, as you loosen one, move to the next one, working your way around the entire watch back. This prevents undue stress from being placed on any single screw.

Safeguard the screws by Scotch taping them to a surface. There is nothing worse than losing a screw.