How to Remove Squeekiness From Jordans

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

"Jordans" are shoes named after Michael Jordan who wore these signature shoes throughout his career. Jordan wore his first pair of Air Jordans, made by Nike, in 1985. The red and black shoes were banned by the NBA because they did not follow the regulation colors. Since then, even after his retirement in 2003, Jordan has helped design a shoe every year through Nike. Like with other shoes, the Jordans may sound squeaky when you wear them, especially when you first buy them.

Remove the insole of your Jordan shoe.

Pour a layer of baby powder into the shoe and move it around so the baby powder is spread evenly throughout the inside bottom of the shoe. Some of the baby powder will fall into the crevices of the shoe.

Dump out excess baby powder and discard.

Replace the insole of your shoe.