How to Remove Lip Gloss Stains From Clothing

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You’re surrounded by it every day, and you could unknowingly become its next victim: lip gloss. No matter how careful women are when putting on their clothes, there is always a chance that the slightest brush against a glossy lip can unintentionally end up on their clothes. Men aren’t exempt from lip gloss stains either. A light, glossy kiss on the cheek can easily end up on their clothes if they absentmindedly touch their faces. Lip gloss-stained clothes may seem like a hopeless, greasy mess. However, you may be able to salvage them with proper care.

Scrape off excess amounts of lip gloss using a plastic utensil or the edge of a credit card.

Pre-treat the stain with a solvent or any other pre-treat detergent that targets grease or oil stains.

Wash the lip gloss-stained clothing in hot water.

Pre-treat the dried lip gloss stain again with a solvent if it was not completely removed during the first laundering attempt.

Re-wash the clothing in the hottest water available on your washer.

Air-dry the clothing.