How to Remove a Stocking Cap Weave Without Damaging My Hair

A stocking cap weave is exactly what it sounds like -- a hair weave attached to a cap that you place on your head with your natural hair. One of the main reasons so many women opt for a stocking cap is because it is a quick hair fix, hence the reason the stocking cap weave is also referred to as the quick weave. The downfall of the stocking cap weave is how difficult it is to remove without damaging your natural hair. The glue used to secure the weave to the stocking cap is strong and over time it seeps through the cap onto your natural hair and scalp, which makes it dangerous to remove without damaging your natural hair. However, you can remove your weave cap without damaging your own hair if you are careful.

Remove the weave cap when pieces of your weave start to fall out. This signifies that the glue used to glue the weave to the cap is breaking down and no longer has enough hold to it to keep the weave attached. This also means that the glue that has seeped through to your natural hair is breaking down as well, making it easier to remove.

Carefully place your fingers underneath the stocking cap and begin to pull it off your head starting at your forehead and working backward. Pull very, very slowly as you never know where the glue has seeped through the cap and stuck to your hair.

Keep pulling the cap from your natural hair until it is completely removed. Should you encounter any places where the cap is glued to your hair, you can carefully pull the cap until the glue breaks. Do not pull hard or with any amount of force or you risk damaging your natural hair.

Wash your natural hair with clarifying shampoo and give it a deep conditioning treatment before brushing your hair. If you find you still have glue in your natural hair, you can repeat this process until all traces of glue are removed from your scalp.