How to Put in Satin Strands Hair Extensions

by Kent Page McGroarty ; Updated September 28, 2017

Sewing extensions into hair is one application method.

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Satin Strands human hair extensions are a popular brand of extensions used for creating fuller, thicker hair. These extensions can be applied using the numerous hair extension application methods, including bonding, weaving/braiding, fusion/strand by strand techniques and snap clips. Some methods, such as fusion, require extensions to be applied to actual hair with hot glue, which can tear hair when removed. Discuss with your stylist the best method of application for you, based on factors like hair type, length and color. Careful maintenance of Satin Strands extensions will help them last without looking ragged. Application will take anywhere from two to six hours depending on method of application.


Start by creating a cornrow or track around your head, keeping it close to the scalp. Flip head over and create a part, using the underside/middle of hair to make the cornrow/track. Clip the top part of hair and keep it away from the rest of your hair.

With a needle and thread sew Satin Strands hair extensions into the track/cornrow. Sew in as many as desired. If sewing the extensions into your hair yourself seems a bit dicey, have a friend skilled with a sewing needle add the extensions or book an appointment at a salon.

Your own hair will cover the track/cornrow. Remove clip and brush out own hair and finger-comb extensions to keep them tangle-free.


Brush a bonding agent/glue on the weft of Satin Strands hair extensions. Flip head over and make a part. Clip the top part of hair away from the rest of hair.

Extensions are applied to the root of hair around the horizontal part you have created. Press firmly, so adhesive sticks well. Allow to dry fully before taking down the top part of hair.

Remove the clip and brush hair. Finger-comb extensions to keep them tangle-free.


  • A wide-tooth comb is also recommended for removing tangles in Satin Strands hair extensions. Always choose extensions that match hair color for a natural look. Use salon-quality shampoo and cream-based conditioners to keep hair extensions in good shape. Avoid rubbing, scrubbing or bunching extensions. If you choose the bonding method for applying extensions, shampoo hair but do not condition or use styling products before application; condition hair after extensions are in place. Do not color extensions.

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