How to Purchase Discounted Urban Outfitters Clothing

Urban Outfitters is a clothing company that originally was named "The Free People's Store" in Philadelphia in 1970. The store focused on clothing and accessories that were very inexpensive or free. Now, Urban Outfitters has over 140 stores around the world and has become much more pricey. If you can't get enough of the Urban Outfitters style, but don't know how you feel about their prices, you can still own the clothing. Even if you don't have an Urban Outfitters location near you, it's still possible to score the clothing at low prices.

Hunt your local Urban Outfitters stores for sales. Usually in the basement or back corner of Urban Outfitters locations, there is a heavily discounted sale rack. These may be damaged or out-of-season clothes that need to be sold as soon as possible. When Urban Outfitters is having a 50 percent Off Red Line sale, it means any sale prices that have already been marked are now 50 percent off the most recent sale price.

Check eBay and other online auction websites for Urban Outfitters deals. Now that Urban Outfitters has so many different locations across the country and around the world, it's easy to purchase used or new clothing from online auction sites at a discount. At any given time, eBay usually has pages and pages of Urban Outfitters goods at great prices. Some are brand new with tags, some are brand new without tags and some are used. Besides typing "Urban Outfitters" into the search box, you might also want to try typing some popular Urban Outfitters brands into the box, like "Lux," "BDG," "Kimchi and Blue" and "Free People."

Get a job working at an Urban Outfitters. If you are an employee at Urban Outfitters, you will get what the employee website calls a "generous discount" on clothing and housewares you purchase at the store. As an Urban Outfitters employee, you'll also receive a discount code to use online. Even though it's not recommended to quit your current job in pursuit of some cool clothes, if you're interested in getting a job in the retail business and love Urban Outfitters, this might be the solution. Head to your local Urban Outfitters retailer and ask for an application, or go to the Urban Outfitters website, listed below in Resources.

Hunt for Urban Outfitters clothing and housewares at thrift stores. There are great thrift stores (like the thrift chain Buffalo Exchange) that are full to the brim with Urban Outfitters clothing. Because teenagers and young adults go through styles so quickly, it's not rare to find almost-new Urban Outfitters clothing in thrift stores. Keep your eyes peeled for brands like Lux, Kimchi and Blue, BDG and Free People while you're at the thrift store. You might get lucky and score a real deal.