How to Press a Shirt Without an Iron


You never know when you're going to find yourself with a wrinkled shirt and no iron. Whether you are staying at a hotel without an iron or you are at home and your iron breaks, this situation is not hopeless. A few simple methods will have you dressed and wrinkle-free in no time.

Use a wrinkle-releaser spray product, which you can buy at a grocery or discount store. Place the shirt on a hanger, hold the spray bottle about 6 inches away from the fabric and spray until it is slightly damp. Use your hands to smooth out the wrinkles and let the shirt dry.

Take a long, steamy shower and hang your shirt from the towel rack to allow the steam to release the wrinkles. Run the shower for at least 15 minutes for best results.

Place the slightly dampened shirt inside a clothes dryer for 15 minutes to allow the heat from the dryer to remove wrinkles. Wet a wash cloth and put it in the dryer with the wrinkled item to speed up the process.

Keep a steamer on hand for times when an iron is not available. Aim the small, hand-held device over your shirt and let the steady stream of steam remove wrinkles. Buy a dual voltage version for maximum flexibility when traveling.

Dampen the shirt and place it under the heaviest flat items that you can find, such as telephone books or a suitcase.

Use a hair dryer. Dampen the shirt and pull the wrinkled area tight as you pass the hair dryer over it. Keep the dryer at least 6 inches from the clothing.