How to Preserve Garlic for a Long Time

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There are two obstacles in preserving garlic.Moisture and light.While it is critical to protect garlic from moisture and light,it is equally essential that they get air.Garlic bulbs cannot be stored in the refrigerator as the moisture will damage the cloves.They should also not be kept in plastic bags since plastic allows light and condensation.Here are a few easy tips to store garlic for a long time.

Store garlic in an open brown paper bag.It will block light and also allow air to circulate within.You could also use a small cardboard box with a lid.Poke a few holes all over the box to allow air circulation.

If you want to preserve chopped garlic,peel and cut off the ends of the cloves.Mix them with olive oil(Submerged)in a jar and place the lid tightly.Refrigerate.This will preserve garlic for a month.Use a dry spoon to scoop when you need garlic.

Store garlic cloves in a jar of rice.You could take a jar and fill it with rice halfway.Place the cloves a few inches deep.Rice,as we all know never gets stale.You could use that jar forever to store garlic cloves.