How to Keep Chives Fresh

Fresh chives add a delicate onion flavor to any dish you wish to prepare. Because their flavor is so fragile, it is critical to keep chives fresh in order to preserve the flavor. Many supermarkets sell chives cut and sealed in plastic bags. Under optimal conditions in your fridge, chives will last you for three to four days. If you take preparations to make your chives last longer, your fresh cut chives can last a week for up to two weeks.

How to Keep Chives Fresh

Inspect the chives you purchase. Make sure there are no browning or yellowing chive stalks. This inidicates the decaying process has started and will expedite the rotting of the fresh chive stalks. Select another package.

Make sure your fridge is set below 41 degrees. All food should be kept below this temperature for optimal freshness.

Remove the chives from the plastic sleeve it came from. Rinse your chives thoroughly with cool water.

Wrap the chives with dry paper towels. Make sure all of the chive is covered by the paper towel.

Place the chives wrapped in paper towels in a sealable plastic bag and store in the fridge.