How to Freeze Fresh Parsley

Fresh green, organic parsley on wooden table

olgakr/iStock/Getty Images

Freeze fresh parsley straight from your garden to enjoy this peppery-tasting herb all year long. You can harvest it at the end of the season and stick it in your freezer to pull out for any of your cooked dishes calling for fresh parsley. It won't hold up well for fresh dishes, but you won't notice the difference in your cooked recipes. Prepare the herb for freezing and keep it stored tightly closed to lock in that fresh flavor for months to come.

Wash off the parsley under cool running water to remove any dirt or other residue.

Allow the parsley to rest in a colander to dry.

Place the parsley on a cutting board once dry.

Chop the parsley leaves into small pieces with a clean, sharp knife.

Place the parsley pieces into a resealable freezer bag or pack into a ice-cube tray.

Put the freezer bag or ice-cube tray in the freezer.

Remove the ice-cube tray from the freezer after the parsley is frozen.

Transfer the parsley cubes to a resealable freezer bag.

Take a cube out of the bag as you need it for your cooked dishes. If you freeze the parsley directly in the bag, snap off a piece of chopped parsley for your dishes.