How to Preserve a Cowhair Purse

One of the recent fashion trends is cow hair purses; the bags are often labeled pony hair. The cowhide with hair still attached is fashioned into a purse. The newness of these types of purses creates questions about the care and keeping of the natural item. Before a bag is made, it is tanned to add gloss and shine, dyed and trimmed short. The care of cowhair is similar to leather care.

Spray the surface of the bag with a silicone leather or suede spray. Do this before using the bag to add a protective layer. Spray lightly with an even coat. Do not saturate it. Silicone spray will help repel minimal dirt, dust and moisture.

Clean the surface with a clean dry cloth. Always wipe with the grain of the hair. Wiping against the grain can cause the hair to fall out. There will be some shedding of the hair from everyday use; proper care can keep shedding to a minimum.

If here is a stubborn spot, use a lightly dampened cloth, immediately followed by a clean dry cloth. Always clean spots promptly; the longer they sit, the more difficult they will be to remove.

When storing a cowhair bag place it in a clean, dry location; wrap the bag in tissue paper or a clean dry cloth.