How to Prepare and Broil a Lobster Tail

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Lobster is often considered a meal for the wealthy, an elegant treat or something difficult you make for a romantic meal. However, lobster can be a quick easy meal for anyone at any time when it is seasonally available. Purchase the lobster tails fresh or frozen at stores which carry seafood.

If the lobster is frozen, thaw it in the refrigerator for a day. Rinse tail. Prepare the lobster for cooking using cooking shears to cut down the middle of the shell until just before the end of the tail. You can cut through the top of the shell to make a pretty presentation called butterflied, or you can leave the top uncut, instead choosing to cut down the center of the bottom of the shell.

Use your fingers to pull the translucent meat off the shell and slightly up/out of the shell in order to lie on top, but leave it attached near the end. Place the meat side-up in a cooking pan and either drizzle with a teaspoon or use a pastry brush to put some melted butter across the surface of the meat.

Place the pan in the oven on the middle rack. High broil to the halfway-cooked point, about 4 to 5 minutes, depending on tail size. The meat should begin to turn white around the edges. Remove the pan and give the tail another brush or drizzle of butter to keep it moist.

Return pan to oven and cook until it is completely done, approximately another 4 minutes or until meat is completely white and shell color is pinkish. If you want the meat to have a golden tint, move it closer to heat for a few seconds, but watch it closely as it can easily overcook.

Serve lobster with melted butter for dipping. A simple salad, some special bread and a green or yellow vegetable served with the lobster makes a nice meal.