How to Play the Toilet Paper Game

How to Play the Toilet Paper Game. Icebreaker party games enable a group of people to get to know one another and feel more comfortable in each other's company. It's not often that an off-beat item like toilet paper figures prominently into a social setting. This icebreaker game uses toilet paper in a way that encourages participants to share tidbits of personal information about themselves with the rest of the group.

Ask participants to sit in a large circle.

Pass the roll of toilet paper around the circle and instruct participants to take as much as they like. Do not answer any questions about why they need the toilet paper or how much they should take.

Instruct the participants to count the number of toilet paper squares they are holding.

Select a participant to start the game by telling as many facts about himself as he has squares of toilet paper. For example, if a participant has 3 squares of paper, he must share 3 facts about himself with the group.