How to Play Family Reunion Games

How to Play Family Reunion Games. You can be the life of the party with these fun family reunion games. Bring these game ideas to your gathering and everyone will want to play.

Have each family member write something interesting about themselves on a slip of paper and put it in a bucket. Draw out a slip, read it and have everyone guess who wrote it. An example is "I can put both of my feet behind my head." They can write anything that distinguishes them.

Play family scavenger hunt by typing a list of traits that each person needs to find. For example, find someone with green eyes, someone that sleeps with a teddy bear or someone that has kids. You can't use the same person on your list more than once. This game forces people to learn something new about a family member.

Lead a game of family trivia. Have older relatives help with the details for this game. Ask what year grandma and grandpa got married or how many children great grandma and great grandpa had. You can play this game in teams or just have everyone call out the answers.

Give small prizes that match the category for the winners of the trivia game. Ask who traveled the furthest to the family reunion, who has been wed the longest, who has the newest baby and who has the most kids. Matching prizes could be a toy car, a plastic wedding ring, a pacifier and Aspirin.

Share family stories with a game of "Heirloom Show and Tell." Ask everyone to bring a family heirloom. Have everyone tell the story that goes with the special heirloom. This game is a great way to remember the past.