How to Play 4th of July Party Games

There are plenty of fun, patriotic themed games to play at your 4th of July Party that will help pass the time before the fireworks.

Have a Peppermint Jar Guessing Game. Fill a large mason jar with a predetermined number of peppermints and have guests write down guesses as to how many mints are in the jar. Announce the winner at the end of the 4th of July Party and present them with the peppermint jar as a prize.

Have a patriotic art contest. Divide your guests in to groups of four and have each group create a piece of patriotic art out of sidewalk chalk. Give them only red, white and blue chalk to use. Let older members of the family decide on a winner and give the winning team popsicles.

Turn your Independence Day party into a costume contest. Have each guest dress as a patriotic character and have a little parade of costumes. Judge them on creativity, patriotism and trivia about their character. Award the winner with their own ice cream dessert.