How to Plan a Secret Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Planning a wedding, however, can be stressful if you face pressure from family members, have those who disapprove or are overwhelmed with unsolicited advice and suggestions. You might want to have a surprise or secret wedding so everyone special in your life can be present but without all the hassle and stress of outside factors in getting to that point. Planning a secret wedding involves lots of careful attention to detail and creating a façade of another party of sorts to get people to attend.

Make your guest list. The shorter the list, the easier it will be to keep the event secret because that’s less people who can figure out your plans and spread the word. Only invite those you really want to be there to watch you get married, all others can be informed later and celebrate at a later date if they so choose.

Choose a location and set the date. Come up with an alternate name for the celebration as a cover for your secret. That might be a birthday, anniversary or other celebration. Have everything you plan go under this alternate name to protect your secret even more.

Keep your vendors to a minimum but book the ones you really want and need, such as a photographer and caterer.

Plan the rest of your wedding details as you would any other wedding; do your dress shopping (although alone), make favors and choose a cake and décor.

Send out invitations to your “cover party." When guests arrive, have the party start off as it would for a normal party.

Once everyone is present, have your wedding officiant come out and make the announcement that a wedding will be taking place.

Quickly get dressed as the officiant directs guests to the specific location and asks them to take their seats.

Get married. Then enjoy your after party as you gush about how you kept everything secret.