How to Pin Ears Back at Home

There are people whose ears stick out. This can ruin your hair style and make you feel self conscious. Not everyone has the money for cosmetic surgery, and many people don't think it is a large enough flaw to warrant surgery. There are different strategies to "pin" the ears back. One of the most effective and simple ways is as easy to undo as it is to do.

Cut several small pieces of double-sided tape.

Place tape strips on your head behind the ear. You can follow the line of the ear from top to bottom if you choose.

Press gently on your ear to stick the ear to the tape. This will hold your ears back for a few hours without pain or surgery.

Apply additional strips of tape as needed to hold the ears where you want them.

To remove, simply lift the ear and the tape will either be stuck to the ear or your head. Pull off the tape pieces, and gently wash behind your ears with soap and water.