How to Perm Color Treated Hair at Home

Are you tired of spending over 80 dollars at your salon just to make your hair curly? Here is a cheaper way...

First, wash your hair with shampoo and towel off excess water. You want your hair to be wet, but not dripping.

Now it is time to roll your hair. Section your hair off into rows. The rods should be wider than your sectioned hair. Section your hair off further in 1/2" rows for the rods. Wet hair, use the tissue paper to cover the tips of the hair and place the rod underneath the tissue paper. Roll hair downwards over the rod. Never roll towards the front of your head.

Read the directions contained in the at home perm kit. Wrap cotton around your hair line and mix waving formula. Saturate hair and rods with waving mixture. Wait no longer than 20 minutes for color treated hair.

Rinse hair in warm water continuously for three minutes. Then add the nutralizing formula to hair and rods. Wait five minutes.

Leaving the nutralizing formula in your hair, unravel the rods. Spread the nutralizing formula to the tips of your hair with your fingers. After all rods are out of your hair, rinse thoroughly. Style as desired.