How to Open the Krups BeerTender

by Catherine Chase ; Updated September 28, 2017

Serve draught beer to adults 21 and over.

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If you entertain often, a Krups BeerTender, with its traditional tap handle, may add extra pizzazz to your parties. This appliance allows you to pour chilled draught beers from kegs with the right amount of foam on top. The BeerTender will cool your DraughtKeg, but it works more efficiently if the keg is prechilled. The display panel monitors the precise temperature, displays a freshness indicator and even tells you how much beer you have left in the keg. For best results, read the owner's manual before using the BeerTender. It offers tips for the ideal draught beer.

Check the front of the BeerTender for the release panel. This is located just above the tap cover and just below the beer tap handle.

Press in the release panel to release the cover. Open the cover.

Twist the tap spout cover counterclockwise. This will open the tap spout. You may now insert the DroughtKeg and position the beer tubing into place in the center of the device.

Close the tap by gently twisting it clockwise. You should hear it snap into place. Lower the lid.


  • Hold the glass under the tap tilted at a 45-degree angle. Gradually tilt it upright while you pour. Push the tap handle down completely while pouring. This prevents excessive foam.

    Insert new beer tubing for each use.

    Wipe down the appliance after each use.

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