How to Measure for a Winter Coat

I Love My New Winter Coat! image by Adam Radosavljevic from

Having a good coat that fits is important for the colder seasons. A winter coat that does not fit can be uncomfortable and look unattractive. Measuring for your winter coat is an easy process that does not require much of your time.

Ask a friend to help you, if possible. Take the measurements in inches.

Measure your shoulders first. Using a tape measure, measure from the base of your neck to your shoulder bone.

Relax your arms at your sides. Measure around the fullest part of your chest. Be sure you do not pull the measuring tape too tightly; fit it comfortably around your chest.

Measure your waist. It is best to be in your underwear for this. Hold the tape measure where your pants would normally ride. Place one finger between the tape and your waist.

Stand up straight with your heels together. Measure around the fullest part of your hips. This is generally 7 inches below your waistline.

Place the tape measure at the top of your shoulder bone. Measure the distance from there down to 1 inch past your wrist.

Next, find the coat length. Measure the desired coat length from the center of your neck down.