How to Measure for a Long Line Bra

No two women are built exactly alike, and there are few times in life that this is more evident than when shopping for clothes. When it comes to brassieres, each woman's size and shape will change the fit of each undergarment. While traditional bras are always an option, long line bras provide a different kind of support. Much like a corset, a long line bra extends over the stomach to thin a woman's shape while providing support. The fit of long line bras is different from that of traditional bras, and so measurements must be taken.

Dress in an unpadded regular bra without a shirt; measurements are more accurate taken directly over the skin, not over clothing.

Wrap the measuring tape around your bust line, just below the line of your bra. Keep the tape parallel to the floor at all times, and pull it tightly against your skin while you take your measurement. Take note of your measurement, in either inches or centimeters.

Measure your bust line by wrapping the measuring tape around the largest part of your bust, over your unpadded bra. Keep the tape parallel to the floor at all times and snug against your bust for more accurate measurements.

Start your computer and access This online bra retailer provides detailed charts to help you determine your long line bra size.

Enter the measurement from Step 2 into the first box on the page, and the measurement from Step 3 into the second box. Click the button that reads “Calculate the perfect fit bra size.” Your bra size will appear in the box below the button.

Measure your waist line. Wrap the measuring tape over the smallest part of your waistline. Keep the tape parallel to the floor and pull it tightly against your skin for accurate measurements.

Check the charts labeled “waist measurement chart” to see where your waistline measurement falls. On most women, the waistline measurement will fit into the bra size you already calculated.