How to Manscape

Ask woman and they will tell you to trim the rain forest. Manscaping keeps you from looking like a gorilla and really cuts down on odor. If you're newly divorced and haven't been in the dating scene for the last decade, Manscape probably isn't even in your vocabulary. Learn it, Love it, Live it

A manscape should be done in privacy and behind closed doors. You will need a blanket or large towel to sit on while the manscaping is in progress.

Once behind closed doors and your towel or blanket is laid out, it's time to prep the clippers for work. Depending on how long you want the pubic hair will depend on the clipper guard you will use. Of course if you want the bare look then a guard will not be necessary. Note though that many women are turned off by the "bare" look so be sure and check with your lady before you go extreme. A more conservative approach would be a 9mm guard.

Don't let the clippers get jammed with hair so brush it out every minute.

Protect the assets at all time, using the "cup" method. This well prevent any nicks or cuts to the assets.

Once all pubic hair is cleared and cut evenly, go straight to the shower.