How to Make Wedding Invitations on a Mac

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Creating wedding invitations could be an enjoyable experience that brings a couple together during wedding planning. With most of society having easy access to the Internet, there is no longer one method of creating an invitation. Couples may choose to create digital e-cards, mail out formal invitations on fine paper, or have guests RSVP on the couple's website. Many couples today choose all three. Whatever the medium, several key elements must remain when using a Mac computer to create an invitation.

Use the Desired Mac Program

Using a Mac to create wedding invitations is not much different than using any PC. Most programs today, Microsoft Word being the most popular, are compatible on both Mac and other operating systems. After opening up Microsoft Word, for example, most couples use a pre-made template to create an invitation. Choose a template that you can modify to match the wedding theme.

Choose how many invitations need to be created based on the guest list. Once this is figured out, make sure to purchase high-quality printer paper. Ivory is the most popular choice for weddings, while some choose to a paper with a unique design, like a beach setting. The design should reflect the theme of the wedding. Be careful though, suggest many wedding designers, because a wedding invitation conveys a certain tone to the guests. A traditional white design with calligraphy style stenciled names conveys a far more formal tone than a beach setting and a margarita glass.

Design the invitation with accent colors that match the linens that will be at the wedding, or stick with a white background.

Center the margins for all of the writing. The formal names, including surnames, of the bride's parents should be at the top. State that they are requesting the invitee's presence at the marriage of their daughter. Underneath this should be, in larger font, the bride's name. Go down a space and write "to." Then, go down another space and enter the groom's name. Underneath this, write "son of." Go down one more space and write the formal names, including surnames, of the groom's parents.

Place wedding information at the bottom. Most often at the bottom of an invitation, couples choose to place the date, time and place of both the wedding and wedding reception. Write out all numbers. Instead of "Sunday, the 10th of June" write "Sunday, the Tenth of June."

Include RSVP information at the bottom of the invitation. This is also where you could place the wedding website URL. Most websites now have a section where invitees can easily RSVP for the wedding by filling out a simple digital form and clicking "Submit."