How to Make Scented Oil Candles

Scented oil candles make wonderful gifts and home decor items. The light scents that waft from them are often aromatherapeutic and have a calming effect on individuals. Scented oil candles are easily made at home by people with limited experience. This wonderful hobby can bring joy and satisfaction for a lifetime. Some do-it-yourself candle makers have even turned their hobbies into full-fledged businesses.

Gather the necessary ingredients. You will need wax, essential oils and containers to make your scented oil candle. These products are easily found at your local craft or art store. Start with one type of each ingredient - one type of wax, one type of essential oil - to make your first candle. You can experiment with more varities once you gain some experience.

Heat the wax in a double boiler until melted. Do not boil the wax on a stove or inside a microwave.

Add the essential oil in your chosen scent to the melted wax. There are many different essential oils to choose from, so pick a scent that you enjoy. For each pound of wax, add no more than one ounce of essential oil.

Pour the wax into a pre-wicked glass jar, which is a jar that already has the candle wick attached to the bottom. Otherwise, place the wick in the middle of the candle wax before it's fully hardened.

Allow the wax to cool for at least 12 to 24 hours before use.