How to Make Pizza Dough


0:00 hi I'm Morgan McCullum and I am from

0:03 Twilight Pizza bistro in Camas

0:06 Washington and I'm here today to talk to

0:09 you a little bit about how to make pizza

0:10 dough one of the major mistakes that

0:14 most people make when they make pizza

0:16 dough is they follow a recipe that

0:18 doesn't use high gluten flour and they

0:20 wonder why they use all-purpose flour

0:22 and then they wonder why it doesn't

0:24 taste like they expect it to the problem

0:27 with all-purpose flour is it's made for

0:29 baking it's not made for pizza dough to

0:31 get that nice tear in pizza dough that

0:33 you want you want to use a high gluten

0:35 flour

0:35 high gluten flour has more protein in it

0:39 than your average AP flour and what that

0:42 does is it adds that nice tearing

0:44 consistency that you look for in pizza

0:46 that makes it really nice and satisfying

0:48 that you really like in your pizza dough

0:50 and it used to be that high gluten flour

0:53 was a little difficult to find now you

0:54 can find it in almost any grocery store

0:58 in any place in the country ok so let's

1:00 talk a little bit about components for

1:02 your pizza dough it's important to

1:04 remember that pizza dough is a bread

1:08 breads need to rise that means that the

1:11 yeast component needs to work another

1:15 problem that most people run into is

1:17 they use the kind of yeast that you get

1:20 in the little package and you have to

1:22 ferment it in the water and it makes it

1:25 a little difficult it doesn't always

1:26 work right and it doesn't lend for a

1:29 high success rate so what we're looking

1:32 for is for you to be absolutely

1:34 successful in your pizza dough making

1:36 and here's the way to do that you want

1:38 to find an instant yeast again this is a

1:41 product that may not have been available

1:42 to you before you can buy this in almost

1:45 any grocery store in the country now you

1:48 don't have to use this brand it just

1:49 happens to be the one that we use here

1:51 what it does is it works every time as

1:55 long as your water is at a temperature

1:57 to activate it and you put the yeast in

2:00 and you give it some food in any kind of

2:05 dough generally sugar is the food for

2:08 the yeast so we're going to add a little

2:11 bit of sugar to our dough we're going

2:13 add a little bit of salt because salt is

2:15 flavor and almost everything we're gonna

2:18 add the water because dough needs a

2:20 liquid component and we're gonna add a

2:22 little oil because oil also adds to kind

2:26 of the consistency there are many

2:28 different variations on this theme for a

2:31 sweet component to feed the yeast you

2:33 can use honey you can use you can use

2:35 white sugar like we're using here you

2:37 can use raw sugar you can use brown

2:39 sugar and each of those different things

2:41 that you add to it will add a different

2:43 flavor and a different kind of feel to

2:46 that dough so this isn't something that

2:49 you should worry too much about follow a

2:51 generalized recipe and then find your

2:54 own style there are tons of recipes

2:56 online now you can go to Epicurious

2:59 which has tons of resources from gourmet

3:02 magazine and bone Appetit

3:05 there's tons of cookbooks out on the

3:07 market there's all kinds of resources

3:10 for you to use to find the perfect

3:12 recipe for your pizza dough and the kind

3:14 that you like okay so we have our high

3:18 gluten flour we have our instant yeast

3:20 we have our sugar salt and our oil and

3:23 our water and those are pretty much all

3:25 the ingredients and almost any pizza

3:27 dough recipe that you're going to find

3:28 okay so let's make some dough I am using

3:31 a recipe that I found online it's a

3:33 pretty basic one like I said it has all

3:36 the components that you need this

3:39 particular recipe calls for three and a

3:42 half cups of flour and we're going to

3:44 add our water and we're going to add our

3:51 instant yeast already active ready to go

3:59 now again this recipe called for three

4:02 and a half cups of flour it calls for

4:04 one cup of warm water and two

4:06 tablespoons of yeast now it doesn't say

4:14 in this recipe but what I'm going to do

4:16 here is I'm going to go ahead and add

4:17 the sugar and I'm going to leave the

4:19 salt and the oil out because the salt

4:23 and the oil will both stop the

4:26 activation process of the yeast and now

4:31 we're just going to pulse this get some

4:34 mixing action going on there okay and

4:36 then we're going to add our oil this

4:37 recipe calls for a quarter cup of oil

4:40 you're going to need this oil in there

4:42 to add that extra moisture in but we

4:45 want to go ahead and let that use

4:46 activate with that sugar and that water

4:56 so we're gonna go ahead and add our oil

5:00 now that it said a little time to work

5:02 in there and now you'll see that that

5:04 dough will start moving in together what

5:12 you're looking for in a dough is you're

5:16 looking for that to really start to ball

5:18 up and stick together

5:20 what that means is that the glutens are

5:22 activating okay the last thing we're

5:24 gonna do is add in our salt

5:32 okay so when you've mixed your dough you

5:35 want to take it out and knead it into a

5:38 ball

5:39 take take the dough roll it over in your

5:41 in your hands I'm going to show you

5:43 really quick you're going to want to

5:46 take that dough and just roll it over in

5:48 your hands like that very gently lightly

5:51 oil it put it in a bowl put saran wrap

5:54 in it over it in that bowl and put it in

5:57 your refrigerator because that's how

5:58 you're going to get the kind of pizza

5:59 dough that you always eat at the pizza

6:01 parlor and you love I'm Morgan McCallum

6:03 and that's how to make pizza dough