How to Make Perfume Stronger

Many women compain about paying for really expensive perfume and then having the smell virtually disappear in about 10 minutes. So, how can you make your perfume stronger so that it will last longer? Just follow the suggestions here.

Buy the eau de parfum of your desired scent and not the eau de toilette. The eau de parfum is naturally stronger because it isn't watered down like the eau de toilette.

Spray the perfume in areas that produce heat such as the underarms, the inside of your elbows and behind your ears. Your body heat acts as a reactant that intensifies the oils in the perfume, and makes the scent stronger overall.

Spray some perfume in your hair, especially if you don't use any styling products in your hair. Your hair will absorb the smell and make the scent stronger.

Avoid rubbing your wrists together if you usually spray your perfume on them. This action destroys and weakens the smell. Also, avoid spraying your perfume on your shirt and clothes. This causes the scent to evaporate quickly.

Add a few drops of essential oils to your perfume. Essential oils are the very essence of any perfume and they can be found at your local crafts store. Find out the main scents used in your favorite perfume such as vanilla, lavender or grapefruit, and purchase essential oils in those scents. Just add a few drops and shake gently.