How to Make Organic Ink

by Chelsea Hoffman ; Updated September 28, 2017


Add about 1/2 oz. of witch hazel distillate to the glass vial.

Introduce the sage extract to the vial. Sage extract, as with the other organic items in this recipe, can be found in craft and hobby supply shops or online. Use about 10 drops of the extract.

Add the rosemary extract to the vial. Use about five drops of the extract.

Cap the vial and shake it vigorously for a minute. This blends the extracts with the witch hazel base, tinting it a deep green tone.


Add about 1/2 oz. of witch hazel to a glass vial.

Add 20 drops of acai berry extract to the vial.

Add five drops of the saffron extract to the vial.

Cap the bottle and shake it for about a minute to disperse the extracts with the witch hazel. This creates a deep burgundy-berry-like hue.

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